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SAP Leonardo Machine Learning: Why Machine Learning and Why Now?

Machine learning is no longer just for smartphones or game shows. Here’s how to develop a strategy that will change the basis of competition in your industry. BRACHIN LLC uses SAP Leonardo to deliver Intelligent Business Processes, Intelligent Infrastructure, Digital Assistants and Bots.

Big Data is a natural partner of Artificial Intelligence. More data leads to accurate forecasts and enhanced machine learning models. The value of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence comes from making decisions and business insight. Data by itself has no value. Value is derived by leveraging the data-driven-action.

BRACHIN LLC uses an Artificial Intelligence Development Platform. We control the full life cycle from Data Extraction, Data Transformation, Training and Optimizing to AI Model Deployment. Big Data Genie™ and AI Genie™ are the ideal tools for Data Scientists. BRACHIN LLC has experience delivering the following AI Use Cases:

Artificial Intelligence enables predictive sales. You can forecast sales accurately based on all customer contacts and previous sales results. We have built Sales Dashboards with the scores of the leads and Sales Pipelines. The Dashboards help your Sales Team to concentrate on selling to the right people. This lowers expenses by channeling the resources to the right lead. AI improves forecasting accuracy by 10 percent to 20 percent. This typically translates into a 5 percent improvement.

AI Sales Forecasting also enables to adjust inventories and have the right amount of stock all the time. This reduces customer churn and increase the customer loyalty.

AI models use customer data to retain and upgrade customers with personalized recommendations via email, site search or other channels.

AI models analyze social media content to analyze and create marketing campaigns.

Dynamic pricing, demand pricing enable companies to optimize pricing while maximizing revenue and profitability.

Maintenance of a company's equipment is essential to the optimal operations. Predictive maintenance reduces unplanned downtime due to unexpected failure and the subsequent economic loss that it results in. It leads to max performance time, increased productivity, and improved planning.

AI models help companies streamline their most time-intensive back-office processes. Our technologies automatically extract data from ERP systems, then we use AI models to forecast and create trend analysis. AI algorithms help improve material flow, fleet management, warehouse administration, logistics processes, and freight processing.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data turn large amounts of structured and unstructured data into logistics and supply chain insight and allow companies to optimize their supply chains. The benefits are accurate time of delivery estimates, optimize vehicle routes and sequence deliveries, efficient shipment consolidation, insight into damage claims and returns and traceability, accountable sourcing.

Leverage AI to attract, screen, engage and hire the best employees. Hiring is a challenging. Which candidate, starting at a specific position, will contribute more to the company? AI augments HR employees in various parts of the hiring process such as finding qualified candidates, interviewing and selecting the best candidates.

Performance Management: Manage your workers' performance without harming their motivation. Pursue their KPI's on your dashboard and give continuous input. This would build the representative fulfillment and lower your organization's worker turnovers.

HR - Retention Management
Predict which employees are likely to leave and improve their job satisfaction to retain them. Detect the underlying reasons for their motive for seeking new opportunities. By keeping them at your organization, lower your human capital loss.

Leverage AI to detect fraudulent and abnormal financial behavior, and/or use AI to improve general regulatory compliance matters. Lower your operational costs by limiting your exposure to fraudulent documents.

Banks and Financial Institutions use AI prevent fraud and detect suspicious activity. AI can also be used for apps that scan checks and make deposits to system that automate the movement of funds, based on interest rates. Quants are using AI algorithms for trading using array of factors, information and variables. Leverage machine learning, Natural Language Processing and other AI techniques for financial analysis, algorithmic trading and other investment strategies or tools.

Use AI for robust credit lending process.

Use AI model Processing to scan legal and regulatory text for compliance issues.

Our models analyze vast amounts of data about attacks and responses to uncover more effective methods for responding to different scenarios. We also have experience with UEBA – User and Entity Behavioral Analytics. AI algorithms move protection beyond increasingly ineffective whitelists, blacklists and firewalls by detecting unusual activity and patterns, including the movement of data packets.

Researchers and healthcare providers are increasingly using machine learning, deep learning and other types of AI to go over data and, using analytics, spot patterns that help healthcare providers treat at risk groups more effectively. Pharmaceutical companies and biomedical device makers are tapping AI to develop algorithms that produce more effective drugs. Patient Data Analytics: Analyze patient and/or 3rd party data to discover insights and suggest actions. Greater accuracy by assisted diagnostics. Lower the mortality rates and increase the patient satisfaction by using all the diagnostic data available to detect the underlying reasons for the symptoms.

Personalized Medications and Care: Find the best treatment plans according to patient data. Provide custom-tailored solutions for your patients. By using their medical history, genetic profile, you can create a custom medication or care plan.

Drug Discovery: Find new drugs based on previous data and medical intelligence. Lower your R&D cost and increase the output. All leading to greater efficiency. Integrate FDA data and you can transform your drug discovery by locating market mismatches and FDA approval or rejection rates.

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