Digital Workforce – RPA – Robotic Process Automation and SAP

BRACHIN LLC brings the next and natural evolution of SAP systems. Years ago, SAP systems brought standards, governance and Business Processes to corporations. Today, the opportunity is to automate your core SAP back-office processes. BRACHIN LLC brings together knowledge of Business Process Re-Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation technologies. RPA allows companies to automate repetitive manual SAP processes done by business users. It enables companies to eliminate potential user errors and to reduce cost.

The benefits delivered by BRACHIN LLC’s RPA solutions are:

  • Improve business throughput and output while reducing overall cost.
  • Improve accuracy.
  • Enhance governance, controls and compliance.
  • 100% availability, ready to work and scalable RPA Digital Workforce.
  • The RPA Digital Workforce does not require supervision.

BRACHIN LLC’s RPA Line of Business Capabilities:

  • Human Capital Management – HCM – Automation of Human Resources processes from recruiting, on-boarding, talent management and others.
  • Enhance the Customer Experience – CRM – Customer Relationship Management. Take advantage of efficiencies of the call centers while delivering an outstanding customer experience.
  • Digital Supply Chain – improve Material Flow, reduce inventory levels, improve manufacturing levels while providing optimal product availability.
  • Finance and Controlling – improve accounts payable, use RPA to automate the creation of invoices, and financial planning processes. The repetitive tasks of accounts payables clerks using SAP can be automated. RPA can process the reconciliation, invoice/payments. RPA can also automate three-way match of invoices, goods receipts and purchase order.
  • Automation of proof reading, legal contract review, and knowledge management - AI framework that can understand the structure and content of legal documents, (agreements, legislation, etc.). Tools used by lawyers to automate and enable legal tasks.
  • RPA and SAP Testing as a Service (TaaS).

BRACHIN LLC’s experience in the automation of manual processes dates back to the nineties and the development of SAP BDC applications that simulated the repetitive actions of SAP business users. RPA bots work the same way. We equip the RPA bots with digital skills including the business process, actions. The RPA bots establish process patterns.
BRACHIN LLC has extensive SAP experience. We have implemented multiple SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA systems. BRACHIN LLC is a reseller of Automation Anywhere Enterprise RPA and SAP AG.

Robotic Process Automation – RPA, Big Data Solutions and Artificial Intelligence Cloud Solutions

BRACHIN LLC delivers Robotic Process Automation – RPA, Big Data Solutions and Artificial Intelligence Cloud Solutions. Our RPA solutions automate manual repetitive processes using business rules and AI. Automating repetitive manual processes is saving companies millions of dollars. BRACHIN LLC builds intelligent bots with machine learning and conversational AI. We develop for clients Automated Robotic Business Processes. We leverage our SAP, Big Data, Integration, ERP and AI expertise. We build intelligent bots using machine learning and conversational AI.

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