Undertaking a software transformation journey is packed with risks. Even the most basic SAP implementations demand teams to be well organized to deal with the complexities of delivering value into production and to be successful. Activities for testing, documentation, and learning require a unified approach to avoid manual work and duplicate efforts.

The benefits provided by BRACHIN LLC/Qualibrate are:

  1. Faster SAP S/4HANA migrations: when moving to SAP S/4HANA, training becomes critical for business transformation at scale. With BRACHIN LLC/Qualibrate, you will be able to create interactive training materials for the end-users, to maximize the adoption of the new system.
  2. SAP Resources are expensive. We increase the efficiency of SAP Teams. With BRACHIN LLC/Qualibrate, project teams can rely on a unique source and one effort: Business Process recording that becomes the foundation for business process documentation, automated regression testing, manual tests, and end-user training material. Maximizing the Teams efforts can also reduce expensive and tedious testing time. In fact, with a unified and consistent automation engine that supports all SAP UI (User Interface) frameworks, teams can create robust and easily maintainable E2E (end to end) scenarios. In addition to that, with BRACHIN LLC/Qualibrate you can run accelerated User Acceptance Testing.
  3. Standard SAP Process Documentation increases the SAP return on investment. The client will use the SAP system the way it was meant to be used. The are no misunderstandings. The business process recording becomes the business process documentation. The process documentation turns into automated regression testing or manual test materials. The testing materials end up as integrated end-user training materials. The product is an All in One Integrated Process. BRACHIN LLC/Qualibrate offers a revolutionary approach to deliver SAP programs minimizing the risk and reducing the implementation effort for up to 80%.

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