Big Data Genie™ for Tableau

Big Data Genie™ for Tableau

A tool to Analyze Big Data in Tableau

Tableau is a data visualization tool. It helps users to transform hard to understand tabular data into easy to understand graphs and visualizations. With Tableau, users can create and distribute interactive and shareable visualizations dashboards, which depict the trends, variations, and density of the data in the form of graphs and charts.

Tableau cannot handle Big Data. It does not handle working with large volumes of 100 million records or more. Data Scientist, Data Analyst or Decision Makers looking for actionable information to create a company’s strategy need to handle large volumes of data. Big Data leads to deeper insights. It is a competitive advantage.

Big Data Genie™ for Tableau brings relief and Big Data to Tableau users. It allows Tableau customers to run on live Big Data without performance limitations. Big Data Genie™ for Tableau provides Near Real Time Tableau Performance on very large amounts of data – Big Data. With Big Data Genie™ for Tableau, there is:

⦁ No Need for Expensive Hardware.
⦁ No Need for Expensive Administration such as Extraction, Transformation and Loading – ETL nor Caching, Aggregation.
⦁ No Need for Data Filters or Selecting and Limiting the Data to be analyzed.

For more information on the Big Data Genie™ for Tableau, please contact:
Amber Kelly
Tel. 1-(786)-258-2191