CXO Analytics Genie™

CXO Analytics Genie™

Data Insight at your fingertips!

Harvard Business Review Analytic Services Paper: Transforming Finance to Spur Business Growth

Today’s competitive environment is driving CXOs to use analytics to gain business insight. Business Analytics has become a tool for Strategic business thinking. Big Data has brought access to more valuable data. CXOs are expected to answer more detail questions. Analytics insight can also lead to new business opportunities and strategic shifts.

CXO Analytics Genie™ enables business leaders to orchestrate business decisions that set the strategic direction of their companies. CXO Analytics Genie™ is a tool that provides answers to business critical questions. It is a tool that makes analytics easier to grasp. A CXO using his or her phone, can type detail questions and get the answers. The questions could be the following: “what are the sales of product X, product Y to customers A, customer B in California, and New York for the months of February, March, October and November for the last 10 years”. The questions could be random and not pre-determined. The questions are driven by the business situation, requirement or opportunity. We do not know the question ahead of time. The CXO can ask CXO Analytics Genie™ any questions that lead to a business outcome.

CXO Analytics Genie™ gets data from multiple systems connecting ERP, CRM, third party, logics and social media systems. It provides an interconnected analytics ecosystem connecting multiple business functions of a company to achieve a competitive advantage and business transformation.

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