SAP Integrated Business Planning – SAP IBP

SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) process focuses on bringing together sales, inventory, supply, and financial plans into a single, consistent plan useful for the entire organization. This plan is reviewed and approved by all executive and management stakeholders and therefore, makes it faster and more flexible to align supply with demand and strategic and tactical planning with execution.

The future of leading companies requires a new supply chain planning paradigm

How can leading companies bring together the advantages of scale and service to deliver on better customer and product experiences? Real-time experience data as well as real-time operational data have become digitally available to predict, plan, and drive goods through the supply chain more sustainably, profitably and just-in-time. Traditional boundaries around planning horizons, cadences and layers of propagation have been replaced with a truly integrated approach for strategically viable and optimized but still highly resilient and responsive supply chains. What are the benefits of SAP IBP?

  • Customer Centricity: Put the end consumer in the center of everything you do to better predict demand, improve service and reduce risks.
  • Continuous Alignment: Bring all stakeholders with their business drivers on one page by tracking all assumptions and improve business outcomes.
  • Plan and Respond: Plan Demand and optimize resources across the extended supply network. Respond to exceptions and evaluate options.
  • Total Visibility: Full end-to-end visibility of your internal and external supply chain incl. inventories, production, transportation, risk elements. Connect Business Partners for better transparency and collaboration.

How does SAP Integrated Business Planning help in today’s reality?


Control Tower & Intelligent Supply Chain Visibility

Detect, Analyze and Act with intelligent exception management across the extended supply chain incl. manufacturers and suppliers to predict and mitigate bottlenecks.

Inventory Optimization

Maximize the efficiency of inventory and working capital and improve customer service levels at the same time.

Demand Planning & Forecasting

Better predict customer needs and market dynamics by leveraging statistical and machine learning algorithms.

Supply Planning

Create a feasible and optimized supply plan respecting capacity and material constraints / characteristics to respond to changes.

Sales & Operations Planning

Effectively balance demand and supply and attain financial targets and enable cross functional process orchestration and collaboration.

Demand Driven Replenishment

Embrace Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning – DDMRP paradigms and reduce inventory levels across the supply chain with strategic de-coupling points and buffer zone calculations and replenish supply.

What are the benefits of SAP Integrated Business Planning?


With SAP Integrated Business Planning, leading companies can expect:

  • Strategic benefits: increased supply chain agility for faster time to market and increased customer service
  • Shorter Order Fulfillment Lead Time where constrained based supply planning process is run at regular intervals
  • Lower Revenue Loss due to stock-outs where forecasts are run for combinations of SKUs and inventory locations
  • SAP Performance
  • Risk and compliance benefits: better demand predictability and better aligned extended supply chain resources
  • Measurable benefits: reduced inventory levels, improved working capital, and lower off-balance-sheet liabilities to protect margins in highly competitive markets.


BRACHIN LLC is uniquely positioned to help companies achieve a much higher degree of business performance by digitally linking strategic and operational supply chain planning with real-time visibility, response and execution. Embedded optimization of resources and inventories across the supply chain not only decrease working capital, but enable a much more sustainable operation.

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