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Business Intervention, Turnaround, Restructuring, Optimization, and Business Transformation Consulting Services

BRACHIN LLC helps clients to implement business transformation strategies that improved delivery lowers risk and cost, produce faster and better results. We help Turnaround failing businesses. We provide Corporate Turnaround Services.

BRACHIN LLC helps CEOs and business leaders deliver rapid, tangible, and sustainable change improvement in business performance while strengthening their organizations and positioning for future growth. We work shoulder to shoulder with ambitious clients seeking to change the trajectory of their companies.

Our focus is:

Corporate Transformations

We assist ambitious company business leaders to transition from good to great. The journey requires transformation.

Turnarounds and Restructuring

When a company is distressed, change is the solution. Whether the problem is decreasing earnings or looming insolvency, we are helping businesses turn around and restructure to achieve their full potential.

We address the following client changes:

Declining Sales or Margins

Failing Digital Strategy and Transformation

Ineffective Digital Information Technology Architecture

Disproportionate Cost Ratios

Sub-Optimized Operating Structure

Ineffective Organizational Dynamics

Change in Operating Model

Incomplete Acquisition Integration

Ownership Change

Excessive Debt

Insufficient Liquidity

We are designing and delivering solutions to solve business challenges. We know that a digital transformation is essential for our customers to remain competitive.

BRACHIN LLC helps clients to implement business transformation strategies that improved delivery lowers risk and cost, produces faster and better results. We help Turnaround failing businesses. We provide Corporate Turnaround Services.

Add value to the Business of our Clients

We think agile plans for conversion are essential to add value to our clients. Our transformation plans are intended to decrease transition times and cost of execution while delivering the results that transform our clients’ businesses.

We can help your organization with:

Interim Management and Chief Restructuring Officer Services

Business and Market Positioning

Business Architecture Design and Analysis

Financial Forecasting and Projections

Merger and Acquisitions

Partnership Strategies and Development

Business Process Reengineering

Supply Chain Management Optimization

Advisory Board

Business Transformation Platform – Tools Processes that BRACHIN LLC uses to Improve your Business

Data Science and Analytics

Companies need to realize the significance of information flowing through their systems in order to facilitate development. Analytics can help exploit this information, drive changes in inner activities and marketing efforts – enhance corporate policies while enhancing the end customer experience.

BRACHIN LLC helps clients uncover actionable insights that help drive transformation. We have in-depth analytics and subject matter expertise that we use to discover actionable insights and drive business improvement. We also use Predictive Analytics to forecast future business growth and opportunities.

Design and Business Transformation

BRACHIN LLC has many years of experience in the design of business systems and business transformation. We have implemented strategies and systems for business transformation that led to improved sales while lowering risk and cost and generating quicker outcomes.

Digitization and Automation – Need an automation roadmap? ‎

BRACHIN LLC delivers Robotic Process Automation – RPA, Big Data Solutions and Artificial Intelligence Cloud Solutions. Our RPA solutions automate manual repetitive processes using business rules and AI. Automating repetitive manual processes is saving companies millions of dollars. BRACHIN LLC builds intelligent bots with machine learning and conversational AI. We develop for clients Automated Robotic Business Processes.

Robotic Process Automation helps our clients achieve:

Cost Efficiencies

Productivity Improvements

Simplified and Streamlined Processes and Workflows

Improved Accuracy

Improved Compliance

Make BRACHIN LLC your partner for success.

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